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By law, every Company must have a registered office for formal communications. The registered office must be a physical address, but it doesn’t to be the place where you do business. Companies Registry did not accept companies using Post Office (“PO”) Box numbers as their registered office.
In additions, the Company Ordinance does not specify the number of companies which can be registered at the same address. In other words, an address can be used as registered office by unlimited number of companies.

Registed Office Service

Purposes of Registered Office include: (i) Legally required under Hong Kong Company Law; (ii) Official contact address for official government mail especially for receiving profits tax return from Inland Revenue; (iii) Details are placed on public record to create corporate transparency; and (vi) Statutory records and registers must be kept and made available for inspection at the registered office.

You may use your home (except public housing) for this purpose but it is not mandatory, nor is it the best choice. Ideally, you should use a non-residential address for reasons of privacy and professionalism.  The benefits of a non-residential registered office include (i) Due to the public disclosure of corporate information, the use of a residential address could result in unwanted visitors and unsolicited mail at your home; (ii) A non-residential address in a prestigious location will appeal to a larger consumer base and discerning investors; and (iii) More likely to be perceived as an established, credible business if you have a professional registered office address.

There are differences between registered office address and business address. As the official address of your company, only statutory mail from government agencies is delivered to the registered office. A business address, on the other hand, is used as a contact point for all other kinds of correspondence from clients, suppliers and other third parties.

There is no legal requirement to have a business address that matches your registered office, but you can certainly use the same address for both purposes as long as it meets the required criteria of a registered office.


Registered Office Service Fee

We provide registered office service especially for companies established in Hong Kong without a physical office. Use our address for registration and communication, companies are able to comply with the requirement of “registered office address” under the Companies Ordinance. Our scope of registered office service is as followings:
Annual fee
Renew annually
  • Use our office address as your Company’s registered office
  • Collect government and bank letters on behalf of your company
  • Business registration fee renew service
  • Arrange letters forwarding to you by S.F. Express (Freight Collect) to the designated address Inform and remind you for tax deadline

Available Registered Office Address

You could use the following address as the registered office address for your company:
Professional Qualification
Trust or Company Service Provider
CORPX BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED is a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) in Hong Kong. Register number is TC007326. As a Trust or Company Service Provider Licensee, we follow the requirements relating to Customer Due Diligence and Record-keeping listed in Cap. 615 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance of Law of Hong Kong.
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